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This block is used to call the methods which are created through plugins. You can specify the input and output types using this block.

  • Select the connection from the dropdown list to get the related methods.
  • Select the Call type like GET, POST, GETXML, etc.
  • Select the method, which is created under the connection, to get the details.
  • You can see the sample request details in the SampleRequest section.
  • There are multiple data formats you can see like XML, JSON, OTHER to send, retrieve data from various api calls.
  • Select the InputDataFormat, as mentioned in the sample request, to define the input.
  • Check ‘Multiple Records’ if the response is expected in multiple sets.
  • Recordpath defines the location of the data in XML node, which will be required while mapping the data.
  • Select the request format, per the API method request.
  • Select the response format which API method gives as output.
  • Select the Output Data Format to pass the information as input to the next subsequent block.
  • Save the details, after you provide them, to get the desired results.